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Roman blind trends

Have you thought about having your Roman blind padded for that extra luxurious look?   or why not add that special touch with a row of bling crystals or pompoms along the bottom edge.

You could consider having your Roman blind made with blackout lining to help keep out the light on the lighter mornings,  or add padding to help keep in the heat for the colder nights.

Roman head-rails are all child safe,   They can be supplied with metal chains in brass or chrome.

Electrically Operated

Electrically operated blinds can be hard wired into the mains or operated by rechargeable batteries.    There are options available now which means you can have rechargeable remote control headrails that only need recharging every 4-6months !!     One remote can operate multiple blinds, thus saving you time if you have a lot of blinds to open or close.

Why not put a little pelmet along the top to hide the head rails, this looks very stylish, and again with a row of beads along the bottom give that little bit of interest.

Roller blind fashion.

Times have moved on in roller blind fashion. There are so many different fabrics to choose from you can even have voile ones.  These offer you some daytime privacy without spoiling your view outside!

You can even have the same fabric you use for your curtains laminated to use in a roller blind.   There are also many different ways to trim the bottom of the roller blind which helps to add that extra special touch.

Wood slat blinds.

These come in different size slats, starting at 25mm and increasing in width from 35mm,  50mm and 63m. There are literally hundreds of colours to choose from. There are wood finishes too… why not have a gloss black finish! … very stylish.

All wood-slat blinds are supplied with a colour coordinated pelmet to match and finish off the top.



Whatever design you settle on make sure you have them installed properly to ensure they look great and operate correctly.  If you’re not confident to install them yourself – getting in touch and we’ll be happy to help

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