Curtain Poles or Tracks?

Curtain Tracks or Curtain Poles – Which is Best?

Many of our customers are unsure whether to choose curtain poles or curtain tracks to support their new curtains. Both can look great – both have different strengths. They have one aspect in common: get the installation right to make sure that your curtains look great and complement your room.

Points to Know About Installing Curtain Poles

Curtain poles have almost become decorative features in their own right! They are clearly visible above your curtains, so a design that complements the style and look of your curtains should be chosen. Whether you go for a modern style or a classic look, MyFitter will be able to install your curtain pole expertly and efficiently.

Passing bracket
Passing bracket

Poles are best for shorter distances such a recess or a single window. However, supporting brackets are used to ensure that the poles support your curtains safely across the space needed. Larger spaces will need thicker poles as they must support a greater amount of material. Passing brackets can also be used to support the poles over wider spans.  Our friendly team is happy to advise you about the strength needed, (your choice of curtain will also influence this).

By contrast, curtain tracks are discreet in nature, barely visible once installed. Tracks are more versatile, however, as they can be bent into shape for unusual or bay window designs. Poles can also be used for these areas however they will need to be custom bent to fit around the bay.

Despite popular belief, it is possible to have curtain poles without using curtain rings. Many poles use a channel and internal glider for smooth use and a great-looking finish. Silent Gliss Metropole, for example, can be supplied in 3 different diameters to suit differing weights of curtains. 

It’s the end of the poles – the finials – where you can really show off your creativity and style. From shaped chrome to brassy bling… have fun!


Light weight uncorded aluminum track

Tips About Curtain Track Installation

Usually hidden behind a curtain or pelmet, curtain tracks offer a more subtle look for your window. It’s relatively easy to adjust curtain tracks to the width of your window, with cords making it easy to draw curtains which are particularly wide, tall or delicate. If you would rather not use corded tracks, you can still move your curtain by hand or alternatively by the use of a draw rod attached to the leading edge of each curtain.

As the curtains fit against the tracks, installing curtain tracks ensures that minimum light is let in when your curtains are closed. Curtain poles should be set at a height above the window which allows for minimum unwanted light to filter into the room.



Three Key Questions:

To summarise, here are three key questions to help you choose between curtain poles and curtain tracks…

  1. Would you prefer a classic or a contemporary look? Curtain poles offer more flexibility for some great design looks. Know your style!
  2. Which curtain design and weight have you chosen? Poles can support heavier curtains, if you prefer curtain tracks, a steel or light weight aluminum option is needed for heavier materials. Please ask us for details.
  3. What type of space are you dressing? Unconventional or bay window designs will be better-served by curtain tracks, which can be gently bent for a perfect fit.  Custom bent curtain poles are an option but this will depend on your budget.


The Next Step

If you would like to chat through your options and receive a quotation for installation, please do contact us. Our expert team will professionally install curtain poles, curtain tracks and/or blinds efficiently, helping you to complete a great look for your room.

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