Silent Gliss Metropole

A Decorative Curtain Pole ….That Functions Like a Track!

Metropole is actually a curtain track and does not need curtains rings, the curtains hang directly on nylon gliders contained in a channel inside the pole. However, unlike traditional curtain poles, the brackets attach to the top of the pole allowing the curtain to move smoothly throughout the complete length of the pole – no need for passing brackets, making it perfect for wide windows and large expanses of glass.

Bay Windows

Unlike most wood poles, Metropole can easily be bent to fit perfectly to bay windows or other curved applications. Made to measure, Metropole is tailored exactly to the contours of your window.

Metropole with Wave – a Perfect Partnership

Metropole can be supplied with Silent Gliss Wave Curtain Heading System. This contemporary alternative to traditional pinch pleat and goblet style headings has revolutionised the perception of curtains in modern interiors.

Optional sizes

Metropole can be supplied in three different sizes:

  • 23mm
  • 30mm
  • 50mm

Hand, Cord or Electric Operation

Metropole can be hand, cord or electrically operated. Whichever method is chosen, there is the same smooth and unhindered curtain movement. All Metropoles poles, regardless of size, shape or operation, keep the same sleek design. The cording endset blends into the pole profile giving a seamless finish.


Professional installation is recommended  if you need help contact the guys as MyFitter


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