Brilliant Bay windows

The shape of bay windows looks great and creates extra space for your room – however, fitting curtains or blinds to bay windows can be tricky!

How do I measure my bay window?

Always measure the bay at the position the pole or track will be installed.

This is because the area above the window sill can vary quite a lot. Walls are not as straight as you may think! It’s always best to measure your bay window at the location where the product is to be installed. This may require a ladder.

The way you measure your bay window varies according to its shape. Typical examples are:

Depending on the shape of your bay it may be helpful to draw out the shape, making sure you letter each point around the bay as shown above.


3 steps to success

Step 1

Using a steel tape measure first of all measure from point to point around the bay. For example, A to B = 40cm, B to C = 120cm and so on until you have measured the distances between each point around the bay.  

Hint: Make sure you measure at the position the pole or track will be installed at.

Step 2

Next starting at point A measure across the bay to each point.

Using bay 4 (right) as an example measure from:

A-C, A-D, A-E & A-F (you will already have the A-B measurement).

Step 3

Next repeat the process from point B:

B-D, B-E, B-F

Repeat the process from each point around the bay, recording each measure.


3 bay window secrets

  1. Bay window kits rarely work – the bend joints are not often as flexible as you need them to be.
  2. Your brackets need to allow the curtain material to pass by them when the curtains are pulled open or closed. These ‘passing brackets’ are key to installing curtains and blinds that work smoothly.
  3. Both poles and tracks can be fitted, however eyelet headings are not possible with bay windows.

Bay windows shouldn’t be boring!

You’ll be amazed by the colours and styles of poles that are suitable for bay windows. The MyFitter team likes the Metropole decorative curtain poles.These modern, stylish poles use gliders which are unhindered by brackets or rings, so they’re easy and quiet to use. They’re ideal for the bespoke nature of bay windows – and they look great!

Would you like new curtains or binds for your bay windows?

Ask the friendly experts at MyFitter for a quote. Our team will ensure that your bay window is completed professionally and efficiently. Your installation will be hassle-free from start to finish. Find out more.


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